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The science of reading the Earth energies is over 70,000 years old, originating in the temples of Thebes, Memphis, and Abydos and known by modern science as Geomancy. Parts of this science can be found all over the world, but the original form of the readings is known as M’TAM and is still practiced by the Gourmantche people of West Africa. M’TAM is the system that studies the energetic currents that are emitted or received by Earth and their influence on humans and nature. The most common system of predictions in the modern world is astrology, which operates on the principle that planets and stars influence our mood, character and destiny. If astronomical objects over 350,000 kilometers from Earth are capable of influencing humans, what about the planet on which humans are living?

Rising Firefly

The Rising Firefly is a Kemetic journal of culture, philosophy, and spirituality. Our purpose is to promote diversity and awareness. We aim to strengthen education, spirituality, culture, and unity among all people. We strive to bring people of different backgrounds, education, and cultures together to learn from and grow with one another. The Rising Firefly is coming from the perspective of the African Civilisation, as the African continent is the cradle of all civilisations. We believe that by going back to the origins of civilisation, we will bring unity among all people. It is about time we look for the unity of all humankind!

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